How does the Sample Cashback System work?

If you are registered as a customer in our shop, you can also enjoy our premium sample service with Sample Cashback System. This means that we will credit you the value of the previously purchased sample if you order an original full-size product of the item in a subsequent order.

Example: You order on 01 January as a registered customer a decanted sample of the fragrance XY for 5.00 Euro. Because you like it, you decide to buy a 50ml version of fragrance XY for 150.00 Euro on February 01. After you have logged in, our shop system will automatically credit the 5.00 Euro to your shopping cart once you put this particular fragrance in your shopping cart, so you only have to pay 145.00 Euro.

Please note: The Sample Cashback System works only for registered customers. Orders which have been placed as guest, will not work with the SCS.